A message from our CEO.

Message from Jeff Hall


For far too long, constructive political dialogue in America has been paralyzed by hyper-partisanship. All this toxicity has led to distrust, political gridlock – hate, even.

At OUR NATIONAL CONVERSATION, or ONC for short, we want to change all this. Our goal is to get America talking again, with a focus on coming up with practical solutions to America’s most pressing issues.

We are in the final stages of building a multimedia platform, JoinONC.com, that will provide news, opinion and citizen-generated public policy proposals from across the political spectrum. Gen Z is inheriting a rather troubled world. Giving these future leaders of America a voice is central to ONC’s concept. So far, over 200 high school and college students from across America have participated in building JoinONC.com.

I’m a Baby Boomer – the generation that was supposed to change the world. I’m happy to report, we’re not done yet! Several older colleagues are now serving as advisers to our students. We need to give these young Americans the tools they will need to lead our country. The clock is ticking.

Our students’ first big thrust was to produce a book (paperback and downloadable) called “Let’s Fix America.” We asked our students to reach out to older experts with real-world experience while researching and producing their policy recommendations.

One rule: They had to consult with a mix of liberal, moderate and conservative experts. The result: Close to 50 easy-to-read, practical and nonpartisan policy recommendations. From healthcare to diplomacy to infrastructure to the economy to modernizing Congress, our students covered a lot of territory.

Please consider our students’ proposals conversation starters. All Americans have a stake in our country’s future. Got a better idea? We want to hear from you. Together we will explore common sense ideas intended to make America better.

If enough citizens join this movement, our elected officials will have to pay attention. Then real change will happen.

Want to get involved? We invite you to start by watching the “meet the team” video that appears on the right side of our home page. You are also invited to sign up to receive our weekly progress reports.

We are just getting started and we’re very open to win-win ideas. Please send an email to info@joinonc.com.

Jeff Hall

Editor & CEO Hall is a former vice president with the Los Angeles Times, a digital entrepreneur and an alumni of the nonpartisan White House Fellows program. Hall is a Stanford grad and a Harvard MBA.

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